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Real Estate Development

Monarq Property Development
Moving Forward

At Monarq we develop residential and commercial properties that resonate with the communities that we build in. Our long-term goal is to create a portfolio of healthy sustainable, unique environments for our tenants, and successful financial outcomes for our investors. Our team are experts in municipalities, identifying buildable sites, entitlements, market conditions, sourcing equity and debt.

Future Developments and In-Construction Includes:

  • 325 7th Street Residential – Two Towers with Open Market Retail
  • 1629 Webster Street – Residential Mixed Use

Types of Development we Offer:

  • Office
  • Live-work
  • Industrial

To find out more about how Monarq can help you create lasting value in the residential or commercial development landscape, contact us today!


The Monarq Mission

Creating environments
to empower people and organizations
that fulfill what matters most.
Doing well by doing good.