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Mollie Westphal | President

Mollie Westphal is an accomplished real estate professional with over 25 years in the commercial real estate industry. She is driven to add value to communities surrounding the portfolios she manages and beyond. As a CEO and President of a property management and development company, Mollie’s goals are building ideas that will last through strategizing each assets’ highest potential while engaging the surrounding community to ensure longevity for each portfolio in her work. Additionally, Mollie demonstrates her community engagement through partnering with Neighbors Together and Oakland Building Alliance to consistently align with community needs and improvements. Mollie has won awards for her dedication and expertise to real estate; she recently won The Real Estate Competition at the Graduate School of Design, Harvard Business School.

Lori Brown | Executive Assistant & Special Projects

Lori Brown is an accomplished executive assistant with over two decades of experience in driving processes, streamlining organization, and optimizing efficiency. For the past 15 years her expertise has been in providing invaluable support to the President of Monarq. Lori continues to act as liaison between executive management and the property management and development team. Lori’s commitment to excellence and dedication to assisting in all aspects of office management make her an essential asset to the team.

Katrin Kaukull | Property Manager

Katrin Kaukull is a seasoned property manager with over 15 years of experience. As a property manager her goal is to create a positive rental experience for both tenants and landlords. Katrin inherently understands that the customer is one of the most valuable assets an organization can have and is driven by the unrelenting pursuit of customer-driven focus. She has been recognized for her extraordinary commitment to managing large-scale properties, from tenant screening to maintenance coordination, and everything in between

Jarek Romero | Accounting Manager

Jarek Romero, an experienced accountant specializing in the real estate field, is driven by his values of accuracy and achievement. He takes pride in providing top-notch accounting services to Monarq, with goals centered around ensuring financial accuracy, creating efficient procedures for more effective processes, and contributing to Monarq and the community’s financial success. Jarek thrives on challenges and continually seeks to enhance his skills and knowledge within his profession. He has implemented efficient procedures such as streamlining the CAM process through automated spreadsheets, ensuring timely closing of the month, and working with outside CPA firms in creating high-level accounting reports. Acknowledged for his extraordinary commitment to problem-solving and expense cutting, Jarek’s innovative solutions and keen eye for reducing unnecessary costs have made him a valuable asset to Monarq in the field of real estate accounting.

Belal Kaddoura | Development Manager

Belal Kaddoura, a Real Estate Developer with more than five years of experience, driven by an internal obligation to contribute towards the betterment of his surrounding communities. As a developer, Belal takes pride in witnessing his work translate into tangible structures and environments that enhance community cohesion and support economic growth. His main responsibility at Monarq is to identify and manage the development opportunities of existing assets within the portfolio and to identify potential acquisitions. Belal prides himself on his interpersonal skills and his acknowledgement that the public is one of the primary stakeholders in any development.

Alex Landeros | Maintenance Technician

Alex Landeros Monarq is a highly skilled maintenance technician with over 20 years of experience, spending the last decade dedicated to serving Monarq. His passion lies in ensuring the safety of our buildings and high quality expectations by meticulously performing routine maintenance, repairing damaged equipment, and implementing preventative measures to reduce the risk of future issues. Alex’s unwavering commitment to excellence and expertise in building maintenance make him an invaluable member of the team.

Dick Kraber | Advisory Board

Dick Kraber is a seasoned finance expert with a wealth of experience in CFO and COO roles, dedicating his career to the field of finance. With a proven track record in consulting and crafting investment and operational strategies, Dick brings extraordinary knowledge and expertise to the advisory board of Monarq. His strategic insights and financial acumen make him a valuable asset in guiding Monarq towards success.

The Monarq Mission

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Doing well by doing good.